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Small press poetry advice

Hey folks,

Hope all is well. I've lurked for a bit, but ths is my first post. My name is Leah Piepzna-Samarasinha; I'm a Toronto-based queer Sri Lankan poet and writer. My work has been anthologized in some recent queer and feminist anthologies, I write for Colorlines and Bitch magazines, and I perform a lot.

After self-publishing a limited edition chapbook version last year while I waited for the five surviving queer/feminist small presses that do poetry to get back to me, Toronto South Asian Review Books offered to published my first collection of poetry, Consensual Genocide , with a February 2006 release date. They're a small, progressive diasporic South Asian press in Toronto (

I went with them even though they weren't my first pick just because I'd been waiting for a really long time to find a publisher. I also went with them despite a friend's warnings that they were good, but that you sometimes had to email them multiple times to get a response and that they'd fucked up in some fairly big ways with the book she did with them (ie, forgetting to submit it to the Lammies and not wanting to send out review copies.)

Do any poets out there who've been in a similar situation have any advice? I'm worried because it's August, I've emailed my publisher a bunch of times this summer asking to meet to start finalizing stuff and she's not gotten back to me. I know almost all small presses are one-woman shows and that people get busy, I know that even with a big press you have to do much of the work of promoting and touring the book yourself, but I'm concerned that things will fall through the cracks.

Any advice or experiences you have to share are much appreciated. Thanks and love,
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