Cyntexa (unemployia) wrote in hard_pressed,

to introduce myself :

Hello, my name is China Martens, and my book "Future Generation: The Zine-Book for Subculture Parents, Kids, Friends, and Others" is currently in the editing process with Atomic Books Publishing - and they are aiming to have it out in May.

Atomic Books is an independent book store in Baltimore, that just started a small press. They put out one book so far - LuLu Eightball (which is a comic strip.)Mine is set to be the second or third book out from them (I'm not sure on that)

It is basically a compilation/best of - of the last 15 years of my zine, that I started in 1990.

The way I've heard it, is that small press is one step up from being a zinester, and thats how I see this project. Atomic Books are very together people, they really do book readings and publicity well - but I think that will be local. To promote it, take my zine-book on the road and stuff will be my doings. I want to go to alot of zine conventions and stuff like that.

I feel like I might be a little dirty bastard in this community (but in a good way, you like me, yes?) because I consider my first book a zine-book as I cross over to being published by somebody else.

I am very happy - all these years and finally I dont' have to do the zeroxing!

I also am a little worried, just slighty - like : will it really come out? I used to think for the longest time, they might reject me in the editing process but that is not going to be happening. So now I worry that if editing will make deadlines so it actually can come out in May, will the graphic designer (who I am siked to have, he's an local award winning art dirrector) might get too tired to do my project, the bookstore might decide they dont' have enough money, ect.

It is deffinately a strange process this first time book thing. I think it helps to have experience with self-publishing. I am starting now to make a list of places I could go on "tour" - its all so informal - and I have a pretty strong base of friends and allies to visit.

but I am very excited to realize I qualify to join this group! I just realized, that with a book in the editing process, that means it is in production - and I can join! I think you all are very wonderful and this is a smart resource idea.
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