you don't like how I'm living, well, fuck you! (brownstargirl) wrote in hard_pressed,
you don't like how I'm living, well, fuck you!

galley question

Hey people,

I have a question about galleys: How crazy have yours looked when you got them? Is it normal, for example, for the galleys tot be the final revisions you sent your publisher, but to include stuff from the original MS you submitted over a year ago? Also, how soon before the launch should one be getting them?

I ask because mine are just in hand a month before the launch date, and they're crazy- the formatting is all over the place, and many things that were deleted from the final edits are in. Also, there are two versions of the acknowledgements page- one from the final edits, and the one from the original MS smashed in under it. Is my small publisher on downers or is this regular?

Thanks and love,
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