Coffee and Cake (tupelo) wrote in hard_pressed,
Coffee and Cake

An article from the Onion and a question

Novelist Thinks People Shrug 10 Times More Than They Actually Do

BOSTON—According to his handful of readers, budding novelist Mosley Forstner, 23, thinks that people shrug with much greater frequency than they actually do. "Every time a character responds to something in Mosley's book, it's "'Suppose that's the way of things,' she shrugged" or "'Fine, then I'm leaving,' he shrugged,"" said Rodney Klein, a fellow student and peer reviewer of Forstner's. "Can't his characters just 'say' something once in a while?" When informed of the criticism, Forstner responded with a grunt and a curt, dismissive motion of his shoulders intended to convey nonchalance.


That was to get your attention. Now the question. I just got word from my publisher that they are taking the hardback edition of my first book out of print and I can purchase as many copies as I want at a rock bottom price. How many copies should I buy? How many would you buy? I want to take maximum advantage of the cheap price, but I don't want to be using them for coasters when I'm eighty.
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