you don't like how I'm living, well, fuck you! (brownstargirl) wrote in hard_pressed,
you don't like how I'm living, well, fuck you!

shipping costs

Hi all,

Hope this finds you well. I recently went on a tour to promote my first book. I gave my publisher the complete list of bookstores where I would be travelling two months before the first date. At the last minute, she asked that I bring books with me in my suitcase. She did not give me any instructions as to how to deal with the stores, selling them out of pocket, etc. When I sold out of the 35 I brought with me to San Francisco (the first stop) I called and told her she needed to ship books to New York or there would be no books for the launch. She ia now talking pointedly in several emails about the 'high expense' of shipping those books to the store. To my understanding, that was part of her job. Am I right?

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