you don't like how I'm living, well, fuck you! (brownstargirl) wrote in hard_pressed,
you don't like how I'm living, well, fuck you!

my lovely publisher strikes again

My publisher sent me an invoice two weeks ago for $300, for the books I left in Sri Lanka at the bookstore. At first I thought it was a mistake. Then she said that it wasn't, that I needed to pay her up front for books left at a store that she 'didn't have a relationship with.'

This was never discussed prior to my going there. Since I got back from tour, we have a deal that if I have a gig where I sell books myself, I keep half and she keeps half, but this isn't something we discussed prior to my touring. I, naively enough (this is sarcasm) assumed that since I wasn't self publishing anymore she would deal with the bookstores directly.

I just emailed her telling her this, that this was not something we discussed prior to my going to Sri Lanka and I don't have $300 right now.

I'm less upset about this that I was last week. The worst thing she can do is deduct it from my royalties. I'm viewing this as self-publishing with distribution and without the printing bill. But: thoughts, people? Anyone else had to deal with a similar situaion?
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