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tour funding question and hello

hello all,

i just joined this forum and thought i'd do a mini-introduction by way of saying hi, and post a question. i'm having a book of poetry published with a small press in toronto, launching at the end of november. i've been published in magazines, anthologies and collaborative 'zines and micro-publications before, but this is my first full-length publication.

i'm not sure if this is a question more for canadian folks, but it doesn't have to be. i'm really, really hoping to do a spring tour (in spring '07, and would love to even do some dates before then) and because of arts bureaucracy and a very long story, my publisher isn't eligible for the usual tour funding available through the arts councils here (canada council, etc). (i know this is a stretch for most US authours and presses who never have these resources.) the way the arts councils are set up, i'm ineligible for most individual funding because it's assumed that i'd go though my publisher (so, the writers union, league of poets, etc). beyond that, these funds are mostly set up for people who are headlining festivals and one-time events, for airfare and that sort of thing. what i'm looking at is purchasing a 30 or 60 day greyhound pass (US for sure, Canada/US in theory) and having friends and colleaugues put on launches as part of existing events, at progressive bookstores, queer and activist spaces. which is a very different budget, much lower, but harder to account for.

so, i'm wondering if there are private foundations, grants, scholarships (if i was to do workshops as part of the deal), etc that you know of that might be good leads for tour funding. i definitely have a network of people to put on shows and such, but i guess another question was whether there was a general protocol beyond having connections to pitch events to universities (through women's centres, english departments). any advice you have would be helpful.

thanks, and i look forward to having this forum to learn from.
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Don't know if this will work geographically, but, in the US, Poets and Writers funds some readings and workshops.
hey, i never said thanks for this- so, thanks. i apprieciate it (just looking into it now.)