Coffee and Cake (tupelo) wrote in hard_pressed,
Coffee and Cake

Hey Keeds!

Do you keep copies of your own book on hand to sell direct, and if you do, how much do you charge?

My book lists for $22.95 but practically no one charges full price any more. It's $16.07 on Amazon, which puts it just a couple of bucks over what I pay for it with my author discount. What's the rule here?

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I have been wondering about this, too, but since copies of my book aren't available yet, I haven't had to look the question in the face.

I think I will keep a few copies around to give away to friends, trade with other writers, or sell if an opportunity comes along. I am also interested in (down the road) looking to schedule readings in non bookstore settings (coffee shops and pubs), in which case if any books will be sold, I will be selling them myself.

Don't know if there's a rule. I'm too lazy to deal with it. My method, if someone wants a signed one, is to have them mail it to me with a SASE. If it's someone I sorta know, they get my home addy. If not, it's done through publisher which slows matters down considerably.
Depends. If you are going to a big event (Ladyfest and similar indie festivals, for instance) you might wanna have a box of books to take along. Same for venues like bars and cafes. But if you are doing events at bookstores, they sell for you, and even if they don't have your book in stock you generally need to sell through them (give them books and invoice it).

Other than that, it is generally better to direct people to an online bookstore for sales. This keeps your numbers up, and can make your book a "section bestseller" at Powells or wherever.

I've already given away all of my copies of the book that was released last week, and can't easily get more cause I live in a different country than the publisher. But I know some writers who have estimated the other direction and ended up with a closet full of dusty unwanted books, which would be very sad.