E. E. Knight (eeknight) wrote in hard_pressed,
E. E. Knight

My first Bounce

Had a signing yesterday in southern Chicagoland, at the Chicago Ridge Mall Waldenbooks. Steve, my store management liaison, really rocked and made the signing what I consider a success for where I'm at career-wise. I only twiddled my thumbs a little in the three hours I was there. The store staff was pleasant and asked very intelligent questions about my books, and did a superb job selling them.

chats_noirs was kind enough to come along. She shopped and brought me drinks. Being "on" (as George Costanza says) is thirsty work.

I thought I'd mostly be signing Lara Crofts but I was surprised at how many copies of Wolf went out the door, I think the total was very near that of the Tomb Raider book.

I also got my first bounce. A cute late-teens fan-gal actually gave an occasional little bounce as she talked to me. Nowadays I give off all the raw sexual power of overcooked asparagus, so I know she was excited about David Valentine and not me, but it was still cool. Another sweet gal named Crystl (I only remember the name because of the unusual spelling) read a couple pages of Wolf and decided to buy it, which in a way is just as good, or better than, a bounce.

Youngest customer was a fourth-grader who bought Lara (she likes climbing and swimming and running too!), oldest was a senior citizen named Eve who got Wolf and Cat.

Anyway, from Waldenbooks POV it must have been a success, the manager at the Stratford store wants to have me there to sign.

After three hours of local celebrityhood I returned to my secret identity by cleverly getting up and not sitting behind a big pile of books under an "E.E. Knight" sign and got some on-sale athletic shoes and underwear at Kohl's. Then we ate indian buffet at Khyber Pass to celebrate my most successful non-convention event to date.
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