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hard_pressed's Journal

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This community is expressly for writers who have a book in production with a publisher, or for writers who have had a book or books published. The goal of this community is to give support to authors leading up to and directly after book launch (including aesthetics, marketing etc.), as well as share information about touring, publicity, contests and the like.

If you are a writer in the process of publishing, welcome! If you are a writer who has not sold a book, or if you are a self-publisher (including print-on-demand), we respectfully request that you find or create another community that is appropriate for your specific and valid concerns.

Examples to clarify:

If you have published a book, you are eligible to join.

If you are about to publish a book, you are eligible to join.

If you have a book currently under option by a publishing house, you are eligible to join.

If you have a book currently optioned by an agent but not yet sold you are eligible to join.

We do not differentiate between large or small, indie or major presses. The significant characteristic is the fact that someone else is undertaking the expense and complexity of publishing your book.

If you are a self-publisher, including print-on-demand authors and zine publishers, this community is not for you. If you have a manuscript you want to shop around to agents and publishing houses this community is not for you. There are other livejournal and general internet resources much better suited for your questions and concerns. We wish you well.


We offer this as an open forum for writers. We will not moderate or screen unless participants spam, flame, or otherwise abuse the trust of the community.